MA in English Literature: Curriculum Creating a Roadmap to Success


When one thinks of pursuing a master’s degree, the concerned wants to get better opportunities after successful completion. There is a cacophony of options that develop a sense of ambivalence, making it difficult for students to make sensible decisions. Students must make a choice that safeguards their further career goals for best results. 

One of the most suitable choices for a master’s is an MA in English literature. This course offers exposure to students that allows them to assimilate the most prolific and result-driven crafts and ideas inadvertently. In this post, we will explore the benefits of this course and the curriculum that makes the course so distinctive. 

What Makes an MA in English Preferred Course for Master of Arts Online?

The following are the features of the Masters of Arts online in English that make it a sensible choice:-

  • Career Prospects: Upon completion of the course, there are multiple career prospects that one may choose. One may work in an esteemed organization and have positions as editor, public relations manager, technical writer, communication specialist, journalist, and more. Carrying out either responsibility can be lucrative and offers a promising career ahead. When one completes the course with focus and dedication instead of just being willing to pass the exams, the hard work pays off. The high-end career opportunities one may receive make this course one of the most reliable courses for a person. However, embracing a particular career path is subjective and depends on the specific aptitude and inclination of the individual. The syllabus of the course polishes the skills of an individual. With the same, they can achieve their defined career goals. 
  • Exposure to High-end Theories and Literary Works: Masters in English Literature allows students to develop an in-depth understanding of literature, language, and culture, making things more efficient for a person. Additionally, it allows them to develop a comprehensive understanding of world literature across various literary periods, critical theories, and genres. With such an insight, students get to understand different perspectives that allow them to make sensible decisions. Additionally, it develops inventive apprehensiveness that allows them to think outside of the box, making them a desirable candidate for employers and recruiters. Thus allowing a person to inlay a formidable bedrock for robust career foundations. 
  • Research Skills: The MA English syllabus makes the research skills of an individual more formidable and result-oriented. It allows them to use the available information more sensibly and carry out their creative work without additional trouble. It makes them a useful asset for an esteemed organization, allowing them to have a successful professional profile. 
  • Enhanced Communication Skills: Communication skills play a pivotal role in delivering a compelling first impression, allowing a person to have the needed kickstart for the career. Better speaking skills are developed with insights into complex concepts of pronunciation and phonics, allowing a person to have exemplary speaking skills. Moreover, they get well-versed in the top-notch practices that enable them to conduct interviews, deliver presentations, and engage with diverse audiences efficiently.
  • Cultural Awareness: One receives an in-depth understanding of various cultural practices, allowing a person to assimilate and apprehend various cultural perspectives. With the same, a person becomes more accommodating and accepting, allowing the person to work in the global environment without additional trouble. 
  • Creative Thinking: Open-mindedness is the virtue one develops by exploring diverse perspectives by diving deep into literature. The same allows a person to have a more flexible mind-frame that makes things more efficient for a person. It fosters the creativity that allows the person to solve complex issues with little trouble. 

Things You Learn in Four Semesters

The syllabus for this online master’s program has a design that makes things more result-driven. The following are concepts one gets to learn in four semesters of MA in English:-

Semester 1

The courses for the first semester consist of Drama, poetry, Fiction, Literary theory and criticism, and Gender studies in literature. Each subject of this semester is equally important, and students must pay attention to make things more efficient for them. 

Semester 2

In the second semester, one learns, Drama, Poetry, Fiction, Literary, Theory and Criticism, and Environment and Climate Change.

Semester 3

Semester 3 is a phase changer, and you get to explore subjects like American Literature, Indian English Literature, Post-Colonial Literature, and more. 

Semester 4

Diaspora Literature, World Literature, Dissertation, and Extension of Post-Colonial Literature of semester three are some subjects you will learn in this semester. 

Concluding Remarks

Online MA in English offers a symphony of advantages, making it a better course for working professionals and students. The high-end curriculum has subjects that hold practical value and develop the intellectual framework of an individual. Sikkim Manipal University is one of the best places for getting a masters in English. 



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